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What are Building Regulations?

Posted in FAQs on 23 December 2009

Building regulations exist under powers provided in the Building Act 1984 and apply in England and Wales, their primary purpose is to ensure the health and safety of people in and around all types of buildings. Further areas include energy … Read more

What are approved Inspectors?

Posted in FAQs on 23 December 2008

Approved Inspectors are private companies and can be used as an alternative to your local authority building control department. A’Is are not restricted by boundaries and can work throughout England and Wales.

Do I need to involve the local authority if I use an approved Inspector?

Posted in FAQs on 29 April 2007

No. If you use an approved inspector they will take on all responsibility for plan checking and inspection of your building work. The AI will notify the relevant local authority of your intended building work by means of an initial … Read more

How do your fees compare to the local authority?

Posted in FAQs on 29 April 2006

Our fees are competitive and are to scale dependent on the contract value of the project . We issue invoices in advance of completion or at key stage of work where the project is complex or of notable value. All … Read more

What’s included in the fee?

Posted in FAQs on 29 April 2005

Once we have been formally appointed and the initial notice has been accepted by the local authority we take responsibility for all aspects of building control which will include: Advising on how the Building Regulations apply to the project Checking … Read more

When can I start work?

Posted in FAQs on 29 April 2004

On appointment we will issue an initial notice to the local authority in which they have 5 working days to reject it. It is important not to commence any building work during the 5 days as it may be deemed … Read more

I need a site inspection, what should I do?

Posted in FAQs on 29 April 2003

You will be allocated a surveyor on commencement and they will serve as a single point of contact for your project. Inspections will be conducted at key stages of work and can also be arranged on request.

The work has finished, how do I obtain a final certificate?

Posted in FAQs on 29 April 2002

Provided that the surveyor is satisfied that the work complies with the building regulations a final certificate will be issued to the appropriate council.

I’ve lost my certificate, can you send me a copy?

Posted in FAQs on 30 April 2001

If you have lost or damaged your completion certificate please make a request in writing to our registered address for an additional copy. You will incur no fee for using this service, but it should be noted we will not … Read more

How do I register a complaint

Posted in FAQs on 30 April 2000

All complaints are taken seriously and are dealt with in a fair, consistent and structured process to secure a remedy for failures in the delivery of our service. If you would like to register a complaint please write to us … Read more