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The Two systems of Building Control

Approved Inspector

  • Agree contract terms including arrangements for payment of professional fees.
  • Early involvement in the scheme will ensure all risks of not gaining approval is minimised. There is no regulated period for which plan approval should be given. A pro-active approach with the design team will allow all members to be confident that the scheme will achieve approval under the Regulations. Our timescales are tailored to the project and deadlines are treated appropriately
  • Staged Approvals are provided as the design is developed and reports provided at intervals at design stage for the design team keeps everyone fully informed.
  • Consultation with fire authority is part of the process.
  • Site inspections and reporting procedure again can be tailored to suit to project.
  • When the work is complete to the satisfaction of the approved inspector, the approved inspector will issue a final certificate.

Local Authority

  • Make a payment of at least 25% of the total Building Regulation fee on the deposit of the Full Plans Application.
  • Must approve or reject scheme within a 5 week period or can be extended to 2 months if agreed with all parties.
  • Conditional Approval can be issued
  • Consultation with fire authority is part of the process.
  • Notification must be given to the local authority at certain stages of the work. These notifications are statutory.
  • When the local authority are satisfied with the work they can under certain circumstances issue a completion certificate