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Building Control

Celtech Consultancy has a national network of surveyors, which enable a cost effective, and customer focused service to be delivered.

Our objective is to become involved with the project team as early as possible, we believe this approach removes the perception of Building regulations as a burden and benefits you as the developer by improving efficiency and your budget costs.

We will ensure that sufficient resources are made available so that work can commence on your project without delay.


Our fees
What’s included as part of the Approved Inspectors building control service? :-

  • Plan assessment.
  • Attendance at project team meetings as necessary
  • All consultations with the Fire Authority and water authority when required
  • All necessary site inspections
  • Production of proactive reports
  • Issue of Notices.
  • Issue Final certificate


Team Approach

  • Openness
  • Collaboration
  • Mutual dependency
  • Professional delivery
  • Focus on sustainable, profitable growth
  • Innovation